BOUNDER Plus Gurneys

Custom Prone Carts in nearly any size you need

Manual gurney with 24" x 1.75" wheels

Power Chest Gurney

Manual Gurney with power head and chest tilt


  • Power or manual chest and head tilt system - tilts the front portion of a specially constructed full-length cushion pan up at the front. This tilts the user's chest and head up. Cushion pan is fabricated about 8” narrower under the user's face and chest to allow user to rest arms on a smaller fixed cushion below. Order cushions separately.
  • Gurney power elevate system - elevates the entire mattress pan from approximately 20” to 40”. (Some restrictions apply)
  • Gurney power tilt system - tilts front of entire mattress pan up and down; changes weight distribution and brings user’s face and arms up as high as 5 to 6 feet above ground. Helps to reach high objects or adjust to different work surface heights.
  • Increase user weight to 1000 lbs.
  • Several frame and upholstery color options
  • Foam filled tires and inserts
  • 9”x3.50” caster wheels
  • Side and/or end rails - provides user stability on the gurney without requiring straps
  • Gurney push handles - for pushing by attendant
  • Naugahyde foam cushions - for standard gurneys and those with chest and head tilt systems
  • Roller bumper wheels - about 3” diameter skate wheels located under each corner of mattress pan
  • Metal drawer at front of gurney - slides forward to open
  • Storage tray - approximately under chest of user
  • Positioning straps
  • Drink holder
  • Plus many more options too numerous to list!

* Refer to current order/quote form for more information

Short Manual Gurney
Shortened Manual Gurney


  • Conventional tube frame styling
  • Front wheel drive for easy self-propelling by user
  • Reinforced side and end rail mounts
  • All steel TIG welded box frame construction for superior strength
  • Manual gurney with 24" x 1.75" wheels with handrims, pneumatic tires and tubes
  • Xtra duty caster barrels with 1” bearing ID’s
  • Xtra duty 12 position suspension forks with 1” diameter fork stems
  • 8”x2” metal caster wheels
  • Super Duty wheel locks
  • Black powder coated frame
  • Detailed Owner’s Manual
  • Easy to service and maintain

Push Handle on gurney
Optional Push Handle

Power Seat Elevator Gurney
Manual gurney with power elevator and tilt


  • 2 YEAR warranty on entire BOUNDER Plus gurney
  • 5 YEAR frame warranty
  • 2 and 3 year extended warranties on entire gurney
* Limited warranties - some restrictions apply. See complete warranty for more information