Convex Mirror

Bounder Plus H-frame Power Wheelchair with mirror

Bounder Plus H-frame with mirror

This detachable rear view mirror can be installed on any brand of power or manual wheelchair. It comes with a wide angle convex head that allows the users to see what is behind them without turning their head. The adjustable angle mirror head is attached to an adjustable, black powder coated aluminum extension that allows the mirror head to be positioned for optimal viewing. The easy to use adjustment knob located on the side of the clamp allows the mirror to quickly adjust for better viewing angles or fold down and away for clearance under a table or for transferring into and out of the chair. It easily attaches to the wheelchair without tools utilizing the RAM® Tough-Claw and can clamp to round, square, odd shaped rails and bars from .625" to 1.50" DIA. The ideal mounting location is the arm of the wheelchair. The RAM® Tough-Claw allows for quick removal of the mirror when not needed.

A mirror is an important safety device for most power and manual wheelchairs and can be used when on the street or in a parking lot to see vehicles approaching from behind. It can also be used in the home allowing the individual to see objects behind and possibly prevent collisions with people or items located behind them. A mirror is also particularly useful when backing into areas such as a vehicle or an elevator.

Nursing homes and living centers try to keep their residents safe while in their care. A rear view mirror can be an important safety device when added to a patient's wheelchair. This may prevent the patient from backing into caregivers, residents or objects resulting in possible injury to themselves or others.

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Easy to install  

Easy to install

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