Turn your BOUNDER into an ALL-TERRAIN Power Chair

BOUNDER 300 with Off-Road Package
BOUNDER 300 Power Wheelchair with Off-Road Package


Power wheelchair users need their chairs. Comfortable seating, smooth ride, and reliability are a necessity. Sometimes traversing "off-road" is required. Maybe your home environment is not all paved sidewalks & city streets. Grass, gravel & dirt paths are REAL WORLD problems; but they don't have to be! Our tough BOUNDER lets the owner keep going.

At 21st Century Scientific, we manufacture one of the most powerful wheelchairs on the market, period. Our proven ST4M motors provide immense torque for the requirements of off-road use. The BOUNDER shows remarkable stability in all-terrain conditions thanks in part to innovative suspension. The suspension system also provides great ride quality as you are driving over rough and uneven surfaces. The 120A controller makes the chair very responsive and provides an abundance of power to the motors.


1. Specially modified wheelie wheels
2. Your choice of drive tires:
  • 14” x 5.40” Low Pressure Pneumatic Knobby Black Tires & Wheels
  • 13” x 5.00” Low Pressure Pneumatic Knobby Black Tires & Wheels

The special low pressure pneumatic tires provide a very smooth ride. Going over rough terrain is no longer bumpy and jarring. The aggressive knobby tire design provides excellent traction when traversing loose terrain, mud or even snow. Due to the 3.9" of ground clearance, you can have confidence in your ability to drive in all-terrain conditions without getting stuck.

No need to miss out on hunting/fishing opportunities.