21st Century Scientific's Sliding Back Power Recline System (SBPRS) can be installed on all BOUNDER models. With SBPRS, the back slides downward as it reclines. This reduces the "shear" or pull on the user's clothing and skin. The result is a more comfortable reclining motion that reduces the necessity of repositioning. The ball bearing slide mechanism is configured for up to 5" of movement between the sliding back and the back frame.


HEADREST - SBPRS does not include a headrest. Since most users do require a headrest, be sure to order one if you need it. Many styles are available; adjustable center post headrests are the most popular.

STD TS PSS CTRL - Standard toggle switch control. Move the spring loaded center off toggle switch in one direction to recline the back; move it in the other direction to return the back to the upright position.

JOYSTICK PSS CTRL - Joystick Control of Power Seating System. The UE1 Series electronics allow the user to proportionally control up to six different actuators through the joystick. Speed and direction of movement are controlled by joystick position. Control is very smooth and actuator jerking is eliminated. A bi-directional select switch chooses which power seating function is being controlled by the joystick.

JS & TS REC CTRL - Joystick and Toggle Switch Control of Recline System. Toggle switch is usually placed near the rear of the left or right arm to facilitate return to upright position when back is fully reclined.

RECLINE LO - Power Recline System Lockout (prevents chair from moving when back is reclined)

PSS HD - Power Seating System Heavy Duty Upgrade (for users between 250 and 400 lbs). Sometimes the amount of recline is limited.

PSS XHD - Power Seating System Xtra Heavy Duty Upgrade (for users above 400 lbs). Usually the amount of recline is limited to 40 degrees.